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APG galvanized 2 bridge head stock beams for PNG bridge

By November 10, 2015May 29th, 2021No Comments

Earlier this year (April 2015)?APG galvanized 2 bridge head stock beams for PNG bridge.

These beams weighed 19.08 Tonne each. The?Beams were made in Newcastle and transported to Townsville for galvanizing.
Modern galvanizing plants require 2 key abilities to attempt a dip of the nature.?Galvanizing bath size and overhead crane capacity.?APG is the only one in Australia with both of these capacities.
The heaviest dip done in Australian was done in 1982 at the Hexham plant – 26.5 Tonne.?This plant was closed down on the 90’s.
APG currently holds the Australian heaviest dip record of current day galvanizing plants.