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Tech Update – Use Paint to Mask Galvanizing

APG recently trialled paints to mask steel from galvanizing during process.

A recent project required sections of structural steel to remain ‘uncoated’ for ease of welding on site.

The paint shown is a 2-pac Jotacote …. which prevented the pickling process in the pre-treatment and then burnt off when immersed in the molten zinc.

The result as shown protects the painted surface from galvanizing leaving the original ‘black’ finish. Provided the steel was free of oil and solvents so the paint ‘keyed’ to the steel the outcomes were consistent.

We would suggest any 2-pac paints would produce the same result.

Applications : bearing faces, pipe joins, flanges, Threads ( free of cutting oils).
Benefit ?: ease of application, minimum prep work after galvanizing
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